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To incorporate in any province of Canada or to incorporate federally, in Canada, you need a NUANS report to reserve your corporate name.

4N - Ontario Name Reservation (5-pg)
4R - Federal Name Reservation (5-pg)
AA - Alberta Name Reservation (6-pg)
NB - New Brunswick Name Reservation (5-pg)
NS - Nova Scotia Name Reservation (5-pg)
PE - Prince Edward Island Name Reservation (5-pg)
BC - British Columbia Report (3-pg)

We recommend that you order and review both a TL and a TRL NUANS report before filing a trademark application. Trademark applications require a statement to the Canadian Trade-marks office that: you, the applicant, are satisfied that you are entitled to use the trade-mark that you are applying for in Canada in association with the wares and services for which you are seeking trademark protection.


Special Canadian NUANS reports available:
4I - Inquiry Name Report (5-pg)
4T - Federal Trademark Report (5-pg)
AI - Alberta Name Inquiry Report (6-pg)
AB - Alberta Tradename Report (6-pg)
ABO - Alberta Tradename Only Report (2-pg)
TM - Extended Trademark Report (80-citations)
TL - Extended Trademark Report Long (160-citations)
TR - Corporate and Business Names Report (4-pg)
TRL - Corporate and Business Names Report Long (8-pg)
TT - Trademark Report (3-pg)

2 to 8 page NUANS reports are $40 CDN (incl. GST) for either corporate name reservations or clearances.
Extended NUANS trademark reports are $50 CDN (incl. GST).


Next-day courier in southern Ontario $5.00

Next-day FedEx/Airborne express $25.00

Canadian/US first class mail $2.00.

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